Dr. Matthias Sandhofer
Starhembergstrasse 12/3, A-4020 Linz – Austria


Zeltiq is the benchmark in effectiveness of cryolipolysis. In histology after 14 days of application a huge damage on fat cells and a massive phlagocytic activity are observed.

In this way we tested different machines on patients schedulded for abdominoplasty. We took biopsies 14 days after treatment (in combination with Avelar approach). The slides were studied in blindtest from two pathologists! They could find very good results in Zeltiq and a second machine, all other cryolipolysis machines couldn´t produce sufficient results! Therefore we eliminated these machines out of our office! To enhance the effect of cryolipolysis, we injected immediateley after treatment chemical lipolysis solution and distributed the solution to fatty tissue with a shockwave machine (company Zimmer).
We achieved with this combination excellent clinical results! We checked the dynamic of reaction also in the same way as described before with histologic examination! We could also find an impressive damage in histology.


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