Face-lift and blepharoplasty with bloodless atraumatic technique (BAT)

Reducing downtime, side-effects and complications

Dr. Sergio Noviello, M.D.
Milano Estetica – Via Borgospesso, 18 – (MM Montenapoleone) – 20121 Milano – Italy



Learning Objectives:

  • Analizing State of the art of Face-Lifting and Blepharoplasty
  • Presenting BAT Face-Lifting and Blepharoplasty
  • Discuss How to achieve results
  • Identify recommendations


Introduction: From the first surgical procedures in the early 1900, face-lifting and blepharoplasty patients experienced a recovery and return to full normal activities interval of 14 days to several weeks, depending on the techniques and processes used by surgeons. For ten decades, the norm for patients was prolonged recovery with restrictive bandaging, special garments, drain tubes, narcotic pain medications, and other burdensome adjuncts.
Patients and Methods: Dr. Noviello used principles derived from physics and engineering, videorecording with multiple cameras and then documenting and evaluating every move or action that occurred during a face-lift and blepharoplasty. During hundreds of hours of video analysis, actions that were unnecessary were eliminated and other actions refined or combined to make them more efficient. Instruments were developed to facilitate surgeon visualization and control. Surgical techniques were refined to dramatically reduce trauma to tissues, and to virtually eliminate bleeding and blood soaking into tissues, causing pain and inflammation and increasing risks of other complications.
Results: Dramatic improvements in recovery, reoperation rates, and the entire patient experience are not magic, but they do not predictably occur without substantial commitment and effort by the surgeon and all personnel.
Conclusions: Delivering this redefined level of patient experience requires that surgeons read peer reviewed and published literature, but more importantly, follow the processes and techniques exactly before modifying or ignoring them, and commit the time and effort required to learn and practice the processes with their personnel.


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